Work Examples: Commercial

The first three images show a new fire rated dual RCD unit fitted in a commercial warehouse for a good client of ours.

The first two images below show a commercial distribution fuse board we built from scratch. The third image shows one of three boards we installed in a factory, in preparation for new store rooms and offices being built around them.

Here's what the following pictures show.

  1. Commercial works for one my clients; installing a 3 phase incomer power supply. Checking for dead after fuses removed, ensuring safe isolation.
  2. Glanding a sub-main (a circuit that branches off from the main circuit).
  3. Installed a series of metal sockets and conduits for impact protection.
  4. We don't just work in factories and warehouses, but we carry out work in offices too. This shows the installation of a new chrome light in an office for a client of ours.