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98% 5 star reviews

98% of our customers gave us a 5 star rating on Yell. The other 2% gave us a 4 star rating.

(as @ March 2022)

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Why choose us to provide your electrical services?

If we had to say why we think you should choose us, we'd probably ramble on about our expertise, experience, qualifications and specialisms, much of which would mean very little to you.

While these things are important, after reading through customers' comments about us, it's clear that our customers have a different perspective.

What customers find valuable

So, we thought we'd analyse customers' comments to identify what they think makes our services valuable to them. Because, as a potential customer, no doubt these things are important to you as well.

We identified a number of characteristics that were mentioned repeatedly and grouped them together to create the list below. All of these comments can be found on our Yell.com review page and in our Google reviews.

A quick bullet summary of these points is listed below.. Click on one of the links, or scroll down, to see what our customers actually say about us.

Reasonably Priced

Many of our customers think that we are reasonably priced. While we like to keep our prices as low as we can, we never cut corners or compromise your safety.

Excellent Value For Money

Good service is not just about the price; it's about the value.

Would Recommend Us

Many of our customers are sufficiently impressed with our work to say that they would recommend us. In fact, most customers who provide reviews either recommend us or say they would use us again.

High Standard of Work

Great Team - Professional, Pleasant and Trustworthy

Positive Experience

Honest and Trustworthy

Neat and Tidy

Good Communication - Explains Everything Clearly

Everything Written Down

Kept Informed and Updated

Professional and Reliable

Sticks to Agreed Appointment Times

Quick and Efficient

Minimal Disruption

Responds Quickly at Short Notice

Detailed Quotes and Costs

Knowledgeable and Competent

Excellent Service


Goes Above and Beyond

Provides Useful Advice, Recommendations and Alternatives

Friendly, Polite, Easy Going and Approachable

Thorough and Pays Attention to Detail - You Are In Safe Hands

Diagnoses and Solves Your Problems

No Job Too Small (or Too Big)

Would Use Us Again

Have Used Us Again

Many of our customers have used our services on more than one occasion. Some are regular customers and have been with us for years. Here's just a few of their comments.

Wouldn't Use Anyone Else

Some of our customers say they wouldn't use anyone else. Praise indeed.