Work Examples: Landlords

A photo sequence showing the stages of a spotlight install for a landlord client.

Another photo sequence. This one shows a replacement shower upgrade done for a good landlord client of mine.

In the following set:

  • Photos 1 and 2. Replacement of the old fuse board shown in the first picture with a metal fire rated dual RCD unit shown in the second one. This was for a landlord client as part of upgrading all their properties to comply with new electrical safety regulations.
  • Photos 3 and 4. Before and after pictures of communal sensor lights. The built-in sensors switch lights on when a person is in range and then switch themselves off.
  • Photos 5 and 6. Installation of a new Contactum dual RCD fire rated fuse board. Not a bad piece of kit.
  • Photo 7. New LED communal lighting, with built in integral emergency backup, for a block of flats.

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