Work Examples: Fault Finding and Repairs

Our fault find and repair service is an important part of our work. Sometimes we come across dangerous faults that are the responsibility of your electricity supplier, which would never have otherwise have been picked up on. The kinds of problems illustrated below show why you need to have your electrical installation and appliances tested regularly.

All of these present a fire risk, a risk of electric shock, or both.

Image explanations:

  1. Electric hob exposed.
  2. Cooker switch smashed.
  3. While testing a house, I discovered the electrics in a shockingly dangerous state. The fuse board was left open and there was no incoming earth. Children could easily put their fingers in and be killed or seriously injured. Scottish Power was called out to repair the mains. This was a major work and involved digging up the street. Just glad I could help make this safe for my clients.
  4. On a call out for a landlord client of mine; discovered a melted fan motor.
  5. Spotlights found with no fire hoods present. This one is all melted, as were the cables in the ceiling. A real fire risk.
  6. Immersion tank all melted.