Latest Work 8

Various work examples including some neat plastering on a rewire job, IP rated bath light installation, wall lights and some quality chrome switches and sockets.

This first set of images shows some plastering works before and after on a rewire. First, the wall is chased out. Next we bond it up with backing plaster. Then we finish by cutting back so it's all flush and there are no bumps in the wall, and finally we apply a neat, polished top coat. The client won't even notice the wall was chased once painted or papered.

All hoovered up before we left, leaving the place clean and tidy - as always.

The first two images below show some top chrome gear fitted after some neat plastering. The third shows new sockets wired in with a neat finish. Good work by my lads to get it plastered up and do both the first fix and second fix in the same day.

Wall lights followed by a new IP rated bath light in a scheme we look after.

The team in action.