Electrical Audits and Third-Party Certification

All notifiable electrical installation work must be checked and certified that it complies with the requirements set out in the Building Regulations.

This is done automatically if you hire an electrician who is a member of the "electrical installations competent person self-certification scheme". If the work is carried out by a person who is not a member of a competent persons scheme then that work needs to be checked and certified independently.

Previously these checks could only be undertaken by the local authority Building Control. In 2013, Part P of the Building Regulations was changed to allow members of the competent persons scheme to check electrical work undertaken by those who are not registered under this scheme and to provide Third-Party Certification of compliance with the Building regulations.

Do you need a third party inspection?

Do you carry out notifiable electrical work? Not a registered competent person?

You might be an electrician who is not a member of the competent persons scheme, or you might hire electricians who can't self-certify their own work, You could be a builder or trades person who needs their work checking. You could also be a home owner undertaking a DIY project,

If so, you will need your work to be checked and certified.

Save money and speed up the process

You will find our third-party certification cheaper and usually faster than your local authority Building Control inspection.

Sometimes your local Building Control don't have enough qualified people available to inspect and test. Some contract out, which adds to overheads and therefore the amount you are charged.

NAPIT approved

We are authorised by NAPIT to carry out third party inspections and have been performing these audits for the last few years.

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